Ready to Be a Better Dude?

Men's Coach Philip Bruley with his wife Beth

Men’s Coach Philip Bruley with his wife Beth

What happened to real manhood?

Most guys these days lack the confidence and the courage to have the kick-ass life and love relationship they desire so they settle for less.

They just go through the motions until that one day when they look back over their mediocre life and love relationships with regret and sadness.

Don’t be one of those guys!

Why not grab the bull by the freaking horns and create the life you want?

My name is Philip and I am a former US Army Ranger now a Men’s Coach on a mission to help dudes man up and become better at life and love.

It’s time to stop going through life acting like thaat wounded little boy most guys come off as and learn how to handle life as a true Alpha Male.

I provide coaching for guys who are ready to take responsibility and create the life and the relationships they really desire and deserve. Visit my Coachingpage to learn more and to try a FREE coaching session.

I also work with those women who need help understanding or managing life with their guy. Visit my Her page for details and for a FREE coaching session.

The 5 Man-Up Challenges

Man Up

Modern day life has made most dudes soft and undisciplined.

I want to challenge you to step up as a man and regain your focus and your discipline.  My five “Man Up Challenges” are FREE strategies designed to help you make radical changes in your life, improve your masculinity and become a much better dude in just 30 days.

These challenges are designed to help guys improve their sexual energy, increase energy levels, develop a more warrior-focused mindset, become a red-hot lover and learn how to appreciate shit in their life.

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Find out what Rachel says about dudes!

Find out what Rachel says about dudes!

And you can get my “Her on Him: Real Women Talk About Dudes” e-book where over 40 women answer 6 powerful questions to help you better understand women.

Sexual Therapists, Life Coaches, Fitness Trainers, Business Professionals, Moms and many others give you straight-up answers on what they like – and don’t really care for – with men.

Grab the 5 Man-Up Challenges and “Her on Him: Real Women Talk About Dudes” HERE.