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My Daily Supplement Routine


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6 Reasons to Have Sex Daily


1) A Scottish research report claims having sex 3 or more times per week can make you look up to 10 years younger.  Quit  spending money on all of those so-called miracle products.  Get your butt naked and save money!

2) After your round of naughty fun with your woman all those endorphins you just released will lead to serious post-coital relaxation and you will sleep like a baby.  And with a smile on your face!

3) You will have stronger and more flexible pelvic muscles.   Have you ever seen those folks getting bent and stiff at the hips when they age? If only they had spent a little more (or lot more) time having sex with their significant other.

4) Regular ejaculation gives you a much healthier prostrate and no guy really wants to go down that bad prostrate route. Do it for your health!

5) Ongoing sexual encounters help prevent erectile dysfunctions. We have all heard that maxim “use it or lose it”.  Get it up regularly with your lady and you’ll have much stronger healthier erections.

6) Coupling with your woman leads to more intimacy, communication and shared time together building trust. Your focus during sex is on your woman – right where it should be if you want to be that dude who builds a rock-solid, red-hot romantic relationship.

BONUS:  It’s just plain good, old-fashioned fun!

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Play Offense at Love

CoupleA lot of guys I personally coach have pretty serious relationship issues.

They believe that everything is going ” just fine” and their romantic relationship is pretty much problem-free when suddenly… BAM!!

All of a sudden there is a shitload of serious issues their woman “just dumps on them out of nowhere”.

“I never saw it coming” they say.

When we start to dig into the issues the same sequence starts to unfold. They ALWAYS play the “blame game” and go on the defensive. I usually let them go on for a few minutes with their bitching and complaining before I tell them “just stop it man.

Sooner or later you need to stop making excuses and start going after solutions.”

Here’s an idea.

Rather than being forced to take up a defensive position at some point in your relationship why not go on the offensive RIGHT NOW and work to making your relationship red-hot?

Here’s a simple little trick for improving your relationship: ask.

Seriously. Get proactive. Set aside a time when you and your woman are all alone.  Then bring it up “honey, I’ve been meaning to ask you a pretty serious question for a while now.” Once she responds with “what” or “go ahead” ask her: “In your opinion (note: HER’S is the one that matters) what is the number ONE thing I can to do make our relationship better?”

Then – and this is KEY – do not let her answer.  Tell her you really want her to think it over and give the best answer possible because “our love relationship is the most important thing in the world to me and I want to make you happy.”

Set a time in the very near future to have the discussion.  A romantic setting would be best and definitely make sure there are no distractions.  You are opening up communication in your relationship. And hey, when she does answer remember… a) don’t get defensive about her response.

Acknowledge and promise to do better b) keep that promise It’s your relationship man.  Put in some effort and make it the best you possibly can.

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Drop-10 Ass-Kicking Workout

Me doing a Drop 10 in the Vegas desert
Me doing a Drop 10 in the Vegas desert

Hey man, don’t be that dude who goes to the local gym and does just Bench Presses and Biceps Curls ALL the  time.

Work on developing REAL MAN fitness by putting your body through regular workout challenges.

One of my fave challenges is the Drop 10.  Drop 10’s can be done with equipment but better yet you can do them with just your own body.

Start out with 5 different exercises comprising of 50, 40, 30, 20 and 10 reps. Each round the bottom exercise drops off and the rest go down 10 reps – hence the name “Drop 10″.

You HAVE to do ALL the reps of each exercise even if you work, rest, work before moving on to the next one AND complete the entire round you are in before moving to the next round.

Here’s a Bodyweight-Only Drop 10 Fitness Challenge you can do anywhere anytime…

Round 1

50 Jumping Jacks

40 Push-ups

30 Jump Squats

20 Mountain Climbers

10 Jump Squats

Round 2

40 Jumping Jacks

30 Push-ups

20 Jump Squats

10 Mountain Climbers

Round 3

30 Jumping Jacks

20 Push-ups

10 Jump Squats

Round 4

20 Jumping Jacks

10 Push-ups

Round 5

10 Jumping Jacks

Start a timer when you start your first round and don’t stop it until you have completed the ENTIRE workout. Record your time. In a week or so do it again and try to go through it faster. Remember though, good form counts.

Here’s one of FAVORITE Drop 10’s – my personal Kettlebell Hell Drop 10 Challenge.

Grab a Kettlebell. I use a 20 KG one for this workout. Then complete…

Round 1

50 Push-ups

40 Kettlebell Swings

30 Kettlebell Squats (15 with Kbell in each hand)

20 Kettlebell High Pulls

10 Burpees

Round 2

40 Push-ups

30 Kettlebell Swings

20 Kettlebell Squats (1o with Kbell in each hand)

10 Kettlebell High Pulls

Rounds 3, 4 and 5 continue to drop 10 until all the last round of 10 Push-ups.

Feel free to choose any 5 exercises you like – even in the gym – and complete your own Drop 10 Fitness Challenges. They’re tough but you’ll love the results.

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Rachel Talks Men

RachelRachel Canella is a brand specialist for Soybu at Active Fashion Group, a company committed to developing clothes for both men and women that are functional, fashion forward, and designed for every body type.  Rachel is also the Wellness Coordinator for the company, conducting in house workouts, and is determined that every employee learn what “Tabata” means (look it up!)

Rachel is an avid athlete and fitness instructor through A.C.E., enjoying Burpees almost as much as the occasional glass of wine or a great book.

She is passionate about embracing life regardless of what life brings; lifestyle and wellness aren’t defined by age or circumstance.  When not selling kick-a@# clothes or doing squats, Rachel enjoys spending most of her paycheck at Starbucks–she’s the one who is laughing the loudest while sipping her green tea.

You can find all of Soybu’s amazing styles at  Their Men’s Line transitions from the gym to the street in easy, effortless ways with utmost attention to detail and comfort. Whether it’s CrossFit or a day at the golf course, they have something for everyone.

What Rachel Says About Dudes

1) What is the ONE quality you admire most about men?

Kindness.  I don’t mean pansy nice-guy wimp kindness.  Ewww.  Kindness that shows empathy, compassion, and a willingness to listen goes such a long way in a man.  After many failed relationships, I realize the value of kindness more than ever.  A wise therapist told me once if couples could practice being kind for just 6 months, they wouldn’t need therapy.  I’ll take that kind of perspective!

2) What is the ONE quality that turns you off most about men?

Men who only want to talk about themselves–who “wait to talk.”  Ego and arrogance are the biggest turn off.  Confidence and strength=yes.  Consumed with self and achievements=big fat no. Also, maybe this is technically another quality, but it falls into the same category.  I can’t stand it when men talk about other women being “hot,” especially on a date or while in a relationship.  It is such a turn off–attractive people and beautiful women are everywhere–there’s no need to point it out!

3) How important is a man’s occupation to you? Explain?

This is a great question, as so much pressure is put on men to perform at their jobs, to rise the “corporate ladder,” and to provide for their families. A man’s occupation is important to me in that it shows responsibility and passion. Let me explain…almost any job can fall into this category. Most women want to see a sense of responsibility and consistency, whether it’s a cashier at a grocery store or a corporate executive, it would be important for a man to take his role seriously and approach it with passion and commitment.  I respect men who work hard at whatever job they have–men who give it their all regardless of the circumstances are sexy no matter what occupation they might have.

4) How important is romance to you in a relationship?

As I have gotten older (37! gasp!), my expectations of romance have certainly changed, however I think it is extremely important in a relationship.  I think culture’s view of romance is drastically different than “realistic romance,” which might mean squeezing my hand when I need a boost, a kind word, or planning something simple and fun as a way to spend time together.  I resist the idea that romance has to be extravagant or expensive–quite the opposite. Romance and pursuit/anticipation are intertwined for me. I once heard a professor say “women want to be studied.”  Does my partner know me well enough to know that it would be more romantic for me to stay home and watch a movie in bed than an expensive dinner? Being known is the most romantic thing of all!

5) Describe what you feel would be the ideal male physique?

Being athletic myself, I certainly value fitness and health and think the ideal male physique reflects strength and self-care.  Every woman is different, but I tend to be drawn towards men that are bigger in stature and strong–not necessarily ripped or Olympian, but men that aren’t afraid to push themselves.  There are few things that are more of a turn on than a man who takes care of himself, because it shows me he loves himself enough to be healthy both for himself and for him to offer more of himself to the relationship.

6) If you were asked what ONE thing a dude could do to become better you would say…?

To not be afraid.  To show strength mixed with tenderness and to step up—take charge with a servant’s heart for others, show authenticity, to be brave and fearless within the workplace, the home, and especially with relationships.  I think men have been given such confusing messages in our culture–to be strong is seen as being chauvinistic, and there seems to be a departure from real manhood, which means sacrifice. I would bet my burpees that sacrifice is the foundation for all real and lasting love.


Good stuff, right?  And hey, if you have a moment visit and check out their Men’s line.

Get My “Her on Him: Real Women Talk Men” eBook FREE


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2-Step Plan to Man Up & Become Better

Man UpYou know what is really screwed up?  I’ll tell you.

Most guys just drift through life with little control over where they are going until one day they look back and lament the mediocre life they have lived.

These dudes really want to man up and make shit happen in their life or relationship but keep tripping over their dicks unable to create any real change.

What these guys need is a simple, no-BS and fool-proof strategy for getting from where they are to where they want to be.

I’ll make it easy for you.  Use my fool-proof DD-AAR plan.

DD is short for Daily Disciplines. It means doing the SAME tasks every day whether you feel like it or not until they become habits.

AAR stands for After Actions Review.  Simply put, check yourself at the end of the day to see how you did and where you need to improve.

Let me explain.

Daily Disciplines

The word discipline often comes with a bad connotation.  But real men use discipline to make shit happen and become better.  Years ago I read a quote by Dr. Franco Columbu that went “Mental Discipline comes first, all else follows” and it stuck with me over the years.  As a matter of fact, it was my Senior Yearbook quote!

Here’s how I use Daily Disciplines in my life.  Determine the area or area(s) where you really need change.  Keep it simple and don’t try to fix your whole life at one time!

For example, let’s say you want to improve the relationship you have with your woman.  Take some time and give your relationship some thought.  Nail down just how you are fucking it up.  Let’s say you can’t communicate well or aren’t very affectionate.  Now list 2 – 5 things you commit to doing each and every day to get your shit straight.

Here’s an example:

1) I will tell my girl every day that I love her like I truly mean it

2) I will share one 15-second or longer kiss with my girl

3) I will give up watching porn and focus on my sex life with her

4) I will buy AND read a book on communication

5) I will invest in working with a Coach to get my shit straight

Write these down.  You can do them for any area of your life BUT once again keep it simple and limit it to no more than 5.

After Actions Review

During my days with Uncle Sam we used to train using the Crawl-Walk-Run strategy.  Simply put, you take any training slow and once you nail it down until you can run it at full speed.

We also used what was known as an “After Actions Review” where we would sit down as a group after we completed a training exercise and break it down in great detail.  Do the same with your Daily Disciplines.

At the end of the day, before going to bed, go over your Daily Disciplines and determine how you did.  You either completed the task or you didn’t.  If you didn’t, determine why not.  And if you did, did you complete it to the best of your ability or only half-ass it to check the block saying it was done.

Once you can regularly hit (like 21 days or more) then you are ready to move to a new set of Daily Disciplines.

And if you simply cannot complete one or more of the tasks regularly then you need to really look at getting some professional help.

There you have it dude.  Two simple yet very powerful steps to manning up, taking responsibility and making shit happen in your life.

Men’s Coach Philip Bruley

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